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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The English Indoor Bowling Association has been monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus and following the publishing of the UK Governments’ plan, yesterday, wish to advise its Clubs, County Associations and Indoor bowlers of the following:


The EIBA are following the advice of Public Health England in the current plans for containment of the virus. As such we would advise clubs and bowlers, if not already doing so to implement: -


• Regular washing of hands


• Use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers


• Cough or sneeze into tissues which are then binned.


• Don’t touch your face unless you have washed your hands.


• Self isolation if the member believes they may have the symptoms.



In relation to the customary handshake at the start and end of matches, the EIBA recommend that this courtesy does not take place until the situation has improved.


With regards to National Finals and International events over the next few weeks, none of these are currently affected. However, we will be monitoring the situation daily and act appropriately if and when the advice from the Government / Public Health England changes.


For Clubs who have employees we would recommend that they keep staff up to date on actions being taken to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus but also to follow the guidance issued by ACAS  


Further statements will be issued as and when appropriate to keep the Indoor Bowls Community updated.

Updated 4th March 2020