White Oak Juniors


Come and join us - it's fun

The Junior Club meet every

Saturday Morning from 1130am to 2pm.

We welcome Girl's and Boy's aged 7 to 18.

The members are shown how to play the game by our experienced coaches.

The Club has a Child Protection Policy in place as layed down by Kent County.




All pictures are published with permission from the Parents


Congratulations to Tom Mason, for being Awarded his

Junior County Badge 

on the 15th Oct 2017

William Moulton & Jordan Walkling qualify for the 2019  Finals of the National Mens U25 singles

2017/18 winners

Congratulations to Billy West

on winning the  u13 Singles

Runner up - Ollie Wooder


Congratulations to Olivia Moulton

on winning the u18 Singles

Runner up - Tom Mason


Congratulations to

Olivia Moulton & Zak Chamberlain

on winning the Junior Pairs

Runners up

Tom Mason & Zack Welch

English Bowls Youth Development Scheme

Olivia Moulton, Daniel Moulton and Jordan Walkling have qualified for the u/18s

Billy West and Connor Stephens have qualified for the u/14s